Fox Lumber Sales, Inc.

Fox Lumber offers all grades and species of dimensional lumber, wholesale lumber, 2x4, 2x6, OSB, consistent grades of ISPM 15 regulation pallet and box stock, bed-frame stock, top-quality stress rated lumber, cut-offs, and mill ends for craft and hobby companies, fence materials from picket stock to split-rail cedar, landscape ties, old-growth beams and timbers, finger jointed studs and dimension lumber.

We are a full-service lumber manufacturing business committed to building long-term, trusting relationships. Every individual at Fox Lumber knows that understanding and meeting our customer's needs is the way a business succeeds. We believe in our customers and by producing over a million board foot a day of industrial grade lumber, we are building associations that survive and strengthen over the years. We believe in our employees, and in their commitment to a job well done. Customer satisfaction is our number ONE goal, and we take it seriously.

Our mills are strategically located to provide our customers the very best product available. We work with companies, large and small, whose mills and forest reserves will be productive, well-managed, and healthy in perpetuity.

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Fox Lumber Sales has 25 salespeople willing to work with you to guarantee the best product at the best price for complete customer satisfaction. Call today to find out what we can do for your business.


P.O. Box 1000
Hamilton, MT 59840