The Fox Lumber Strategy

We are a full-service lumber manufacturing business committed to building long-term, trusting relationships. Every individual at Fox Lumber knows that understanding and meeting our customer's needs is the way a business succeeds. We believe in our customers and by producing over a million board foot a day of industrial grade lumber, we are building associations that survive and strengthen over the years. We believe in our employees, and in their commitment to a job well done. Customer satisfaction is our number ONE goal, and we take it seriously.

Fox Lumber Sales, Inc.

Main Number (406) 363-5140
Fax Number: (406) 363-6774 

Department Name Extension Email
Operations Quintin Apedaile Ext: 280 Send Email
Office Manager/Payroll Elaine Serwacki Ext: 218 Send Email
Bookkeeping Teresa Yerian Ext: 238 Send Email
Bookkeeping KaCe Brooks Ext: 245 Send Email
Bookkeeping Julie Ashbaker Ext: 258 Send Email
Admin Shannon Halamandaris Ext: 223 Send Email
Dispatch Britnee Rhodes Ext: 282 Send Email
Dispatch Brandy Hinman Ext: 244 Send Email 
Dispatch Devon Lindquist Ext: 279 Send Email 
Sales Adrian Dodson Ext: 233 Send Email
Sales Bob Brookshire Ext: 217 Send Email 
Sales Brett Mildenberger Ext: 226 Send Email 
Sales Brian Pliley Ext: 235 Send Email 
Sales Brian Ihde Ext: 220 Send Email 
Sales Cat Duemler Ext: 281 Send Email
Sales Darrell Lee Ext: 216 Send Email 
Sales Dawn Fox Ext: 230 Send Email 
Sales Edel Howard Ext: 231 Send Email 
Sales Felicity Brooks Ext: 234 Send Email 
Sales Jeremiah Harmon Ext: 252 Send Email
Sales Kari Kaufman Ext: 214 Send Email 
Sales Larry Lee Ext: 236 Send Email 
Sales Louis Caldera Ext: 228 Send Email 
Sales Rebecca Ondov Ext: 215 Send Email 
Sales Rhonda Melton Ext: 212 Send Email 
Sales Kasey Wright Ext: 284 Send Email
Sales Spencer Kanenwisher Ext: 232 Send Email
Sales Tom Fox Jr. Ext: 219 Send Email